Welcome to our shop of free-spirited jewelry and hand-crafted ornaments!

Laurelnymph Creations  offers quality handmade jewelry, which is crafted from sterling (925) silver, gold, bronze, copper and stainless steel.

We also use many different gemstones and crystals which don’t only offer beauty and style – they provide our customers with healing and protective abilities!

In our store, one can also find handmade wooden, bone and trinket boxes. Some are hand-carved with wiccan symbols, others are decorated with special gems, shells and river stones.

One can also find a wide variety of bohemian tobacco pouches, wallets and purses.

In addition, we have a large collection of sterling silver and stainless steel hoop, drop and stud earrings.

One can also explore our latest ‘Sales’ for magical jewelry and lovely products full of luck and positive energy, in discount up to 40% !!

The customer we seek, is the one who wishes to find something beautiful, unique and well-made at a reasonable price, for himself or for his loved ones.

Jewelry is art, and the energy that goes into the making of our pieces creates a detailed, tasteful finished product.

Enjoy your visit at Laurelnymph creations, and please, take your time and let our handmade pieces enchant you!

Life’s Too Short to Wear Boring Jewelry…

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