Amethyst – Purple Tranquility

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Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst is well known for its ability to bring calm energies. It has been used for meditation for centuries, in all parts of the world. Amethyst’s mauve tones can be bright, pale and even dark. Purple often casts away anxious emotions and brings peace and creativity into one’s life.

In order to understand Amethyst’s powers we must look into its history. When we see the way the stone was used by ancient civilizations, we will be able to appreciate its power.


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Komboloi Greek Worry Beads Amethyst

Dionysus. . .

Due to its wine shade, the early Greeks used Amethyst as a symbol of Dionysus, the god of wine. Some legends reveal beliefs that Amethyst kept its wearers focused in battle and even protected by this Ancient Greek god. Because Amethyst was associated with wine, it was believed that wearing amethyst prevented drunkenness. Dionysus was known to wear the mauve stone around his neck so as to drink all the wine that he wished, but without the negative effects. The Greek term ᾽Αμἐθυστος ᾽ means ‘sober’, which also highlights the stone’s ability to create a calm, focused environment.

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Amethyst Drop Earrings

Ancient Egypt. . .

The Egyptians frequently used Amethysts for talismans, their soldiers wearing them as lucky charms for achievements in battles and calmness in danger.  To avoid curses of witchcraft, the Ancient Egyptians carved the sun and moon onto an Amethyst gem. The symbols would ward off negative energy and protect the wearer.





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Amethyst Pendant

Birth Stone. . .

For those with February birthdays, the Amethyst makes an ideal birthstone. This month is often icy, dim and short for many people around the world, so the Amethyst—which is often connected to qualities of peace, courage and stability—is the true gem for individuals who need a little further warmth and power this time of year.

A unique mauve quartz, the Amethyst is a familiar gem, so take a look at our wide variety of bracelets, pendants, earrings and more!