Moonstone – The Magical Gem of Wisdom

Moonstone – silvery, silky and iridescent. The Ancient Greeks named the famous Moonstone due to its resemblance to the luminous moon. Moonstone belongs to a group of gems which are famous for their inner ‘glow’. This glow displays fiery blues and sunset oranges, depending on the light and angle that the piece is held.

Moonstone Pendant Silver Handmade Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Sterling 925 Necklace Tear Drop Antique Vintage Gothic Μεταγιον Φεγγαροπετρα
Moonstone Pendant

The Stone of Love. . .

According to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, Moonstone has the ability to arouse passion in our hearts. The stone is believed to awaken true love and keep our emotions balanced.Some folk say, that when Moonstone is worn by two when the moon is high they will fall passionately in love. Couple’s can exchange Moonstones after a quarrel to help restore tranquillity in their relationship.

Moonstone Bracelet Silver Cuff Dangle Chain Sterling 925 Handmade Gemstone Gothic Dark Antique Vintage Jewelry ασημι βραχιολι φεγγαροπετρα
Moonstone Bracelet

Indian Magic. . .

Moonstone is the holy stone of India. In the earliest traditions, the stone was said to have been implanted in the forehead of Ganesh, the four-handed god of the moon, since the beginning of time. In Hindu mythology this precious gem is made from moonbeams, which is why it glows fiery, pearly shades.In other Indian myths, Moonstone can give gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance to the wearer. It could also clear the mind to encourage wisdom. To unlock this ability, Moonstone must be held or worn during the full moon.

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Moonstone Earrings

The Oriental Charm. . .

Asian myths talk about the most beautiful blue moonstones. It is said that they are brought by the waves of the sea once every 21 years.The stone was hung in farmers’ trees to attract abundant crops.  Each year the crops flourished and the fruit trees were always protected and healthy.

Ancient Asians believe that the moving glow inside the stone is a live spirit. The spirit inside is that of a protective fairy who is known to cast away her wearer’s negative energy.A renowned legend from Vedic history talks about the fight between Vishnu and Bali, the demon spirit. When Vishnu broke Bali’s body into pieces, the parts that landed on Earth transformed into various jewels. The glitter in his eyes turned into “chandrakanta” which is our Moonstone.

Moonstone Pendant Silver Handmade Gemstone Sterling 925 Necklace Boho Antique Vintage Gothic Dark
Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone Today. . .

In our times, Moonstone is an adored gem, worn by both men and women worldwide. We may not fully understand the abilities of the gemstones we choose, but by recognising and acknowledging their powers we are giving them a chance to show us their ancient magic. Laurelnymph Creations is filled with the famous Moonstone, so make sure you check out our wide selection of Moonstone bracelets, pendants, earrings and more!


Peace and blessings to all!