Do You Believe in Fairies?

                                                           Do you believe in fairies?

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Fairies have existed in myths and legends for centuries, and it is no wonder they enchant us. The word “fairy” derives from the Latin fata, meaning “fate”, and Old French faerie, meaning “enchantment”. These tiny humanoid creatures are known for their powerful magic, graceful beauty and adventurous nature.

Throughout history, cottages were sometimes built with the back door directly aligned with the front, both being left open at night whenever it was deemed necessary to let the fairies pass through. Evidently, humans have always done their part to work with the fairies so as to bring positive energies into their homes.

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Centuries ago, fairies lived less discreetly among humans, and showed themselves quite often. Over the years humans have often mentioned experiences with ‘little green men and women’ who have come to aid during a difficult time. Has a fairy ever helped you?

On another note, fairies were once feared by man. Some of the folklore of fairies revolves around protection from their malice. Back in a time when the world was a far more mysterious place, people were afraid of offending fairies who could cast evil spells or curses on a whim. In Ireland in particular, such was the fear of upsetting the fairies, that instead of referring to them by name, they were euphemistically called the Little People, the Gentry, or the Neighbors. Fairies considered their magic to be so sacred and special, that any negativity from humans was punished without mercy.

Some of us are said to have fairy blood, from the time that our ancestors lived in harmony with the fairies. If you feel a spark of fairy magic inside you, it is very likely that you still have traces of magical fairy blood!

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Let us walk. . .

“Hand in hand, with fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.”

– William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream